Most warehouses as well as industries prefer to use pallet racking systems in order to maximize on the storage space they have available. However, while these storage systems may have significant storage benefits, a lot of factors will need to be considered when adding such a storage feature to your warehouse. Because they come in a variety of systems you can pick them based on your requirements. Now, it can often be difficult to determine what type of pallet rack would be ideal for your business, but to make this process at least somewhat easier for you, here are a list of the most common types of pallet rack storage systems that are used.

Cantilever Racking

This type of racking is mostly used for storing products which have a lot of length to them, such as lengths of timber, steel rods or plastic rods. The racking methods consists of rather long arms that protrude or come out from a metal frame, which is specifically designed in order to store long as well as bulky items. Unlike some of the other types of pallet racking techniques, cantilever racking is a better storage method, and does not have a front column. This helps to increases the storage space available and provides easy access to all your inventory and products.

Selective Racking

This is one of the most popular and widely used pallet racking systems, where pallets are accessible from the aisle of the structure. The load beams in this systems offer a pallet support structure that is firm and robust. Selective racking also allows for direct access to each individual pallet and therefore, it can be configured to almost any size that you want it to be in. This type of racking is also the most easy to install out of all the types.

Push Back Racking Method

These pallet racking systems are made in structural or roll form and they also have a last-in or a first-out rotation system. They are also great for high density storage that can hold multiple products. They can also make your products more accessible to you and can help during the selection of inventory rather easily.

Drive-In Racking

This type of pallethas been designed to maximize the use of floor space inside your warehouse and therefore, it has a rotation that is either first out or last in. This method of pallet racking also can save you space because it requires way fewer aisles for the same amount of storage. Therefore hey are also cost effective. . Drive-in racking is also designed in a manner which permits for forklifts to drive in and make their way amid the aisles so that stocking can continue without interruption.

Pallet Flow Racking

This type of racking is also referred to as gravity flow racking and is typically just great for high density storage purposes with different levels of orders and the likes. The loads at the higher ends of the systems can be removed at the points of the lower ends. As you continue to load the products, the rotation becomes quite automatic due to the flow of the racks.