Sudden and unexpected power outages are not the only electrical problem homeowners have to face. In Australia, electrical problems could stem from the location of the house, natural disasters like wildfires, and, more commonly, faulty wiring. Here are some of the biggest signs that your house may have wiring issues that need to be fixed right away:

Outlets that Shoot Out Sparks

Are there any outlets that shoot out a spark or a bolt of electricity when you try to plug in something? Then there’s something seriously wrong with the outlet and it should not be used. Turn off the wall outlet and keep it that way until you call in a fixer. Power outlets can start acting out because of internal wiring problems.
Wires could have become damaged or loosened that causes power to leak. You can see the possible cause of the problem if you unscrew the cover. However, this is not recommended if you are not a professional electrician. Instead, find out the best residential electricians Sydney, or in any other local area, and arrange an appointment for servicing the outlets.

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Short Circuits

Short circuits can occur when you use electrical appliances like a toaster or a hair dryer. There are several types of short circuits and the ones that occur in homes are commonly referred to as simple short circuits. If short circuits occur commonly in your home, with multiple devices, there could be a wiring problem that needs attention. (If it occurs with a single appliance, then the problem is with the appliance, not the house).
To fix a simple short circuit, you need to reset the breaker. If the short occurs from an internal wire or a receptacle, you need to call in an electrician to have it looked at. Don’t try to fix it on your own.

Flickering Lights

If a light won’t turn on at all, try replacing the bulb. If that doesn’t work, there could be a problem with the light switch. Light bulbs that flicker or dim suddenly are not related to these issues. Typically, lights can flicker because of problematic connections. Unlike broken light switches, flickering lights pose a hazardous threat and have to be fixed right away by a pro.
When wire connections become loose or get corroded, it leads to bad connections that cause lights to flicker. Bad connections are also vulnerable to sparking, and potentially fires as well. Don’t wait around to get a flickering light fixed. It has to be done without delays.

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Power Outlets that are Warm to Touch

Warm outlets are a sign of overheating. It’s common for some devices to overheat with use. However, the plate cover of an outlet shouldn’t do the same when you have a device plugged in for prolonged period. This condition is caused by a serious wiring issue that requires professional attention without delay. Like flickering bulbs, overheated outlets pose a fire hazard in any home, as the build-up of heat could result in wires melting and sparking.
Wiring problems at home are risky and are also difficult to fix. As a homeowner, you can check out why a problem may occur, such as by using a voltage meter or removing covering. Other than that, don’t try to fix the problem yourself unless you are a trained electrician. Leave the difficult tasks to the pros.