The stonemasonry trade is very much dependent on the quality of the tools of the trade. If you are running your own stonemasonry business, then plan on investing heftily in the right tools. You may have to spend some time researching tools before buying them. You may already know exactly which tools are right for the job. However, acquiring these and affording the tools for a small business may not be easy. With that in mind, here is a list of top tips for buying stonemasonry tools for entrepreneurial needs:

Choose a Reliable Seller

In the age of online shopping, it may sound easy and convenient to order the equipment you need online. However, do hold the temptation to buy cheap masonry tools sold on e-retail websites. The biggest problem is the lack of quality guarantee for generic products.

This is not to say that you should only buy branded stonemasonry products. Rather, you need to choose a highly reliable seller that can guarantee to quality of the product. If you need recommendations, replacements, or tool repair, the seller should ideally be able to provide these things.

There’s major different between buying masonry drill bits from a reliable Australian seller and placing a bulk order on Alibaba. Find out which local sellers specialise in masonry or related equipment. Read customer reviews and testimonials and choose the best provider for your needs.

Ideally Inspect Tools before Purchasing

When we buy things online, we give up real-life inspection for convenience. Stonemason professionals should inspect the tools before purchasing. When the tool arrives in the package, a professional would spot problems right away. But you may be able to return it on time. That’s why you should go to a local retail store and check out the products if you can. If not, purchase from a reliable seller as mentioned above that offers a decent return policy.

Understand Terms of Warranties

Sellers may boast that certain equipment come with warranties. Do closely inspect these warranty information. Only warranties offered by the manufacturer actually matter. A seller’s warranty is akin to an extended return policy. Also, make sure you read the fine print of the warranty contract. Even some basic uses with the tools may deem the warranty invalid.

Be Aware of Similar Sounding Names for Tools

E-retail markets are highly saturated and people from all over the world sell stonemasonry tools these days. As a result, you may see similar products under different names. Worse, the sellers may mislabel the products. Therefore, take care to ensure that you are buying the right product. Ask for the name the manufacturer uses for the tool. This is what you should go with.

Small businesses are often under immense financial strain especially at the beginning. You may not be able to buy all the equipment you need. In this case, don’t hesitate to rent or borrow from people or shops you trust. As long as the equipment is in good condition, this should not be an issue. When your business starts generating profits, you should invest the profits in getting the right tools for the job.