Environmental pollution is skyrocketing day by day and it is largely affecting climate change, which then results in natural disasters. Bushfires, sea level rise, earthquakes etc. are so common on the news that they are major concerns of the world right now. Most energy sources we use at present are extremely harmful to the environment and hence renewable energy sources are given utmost importance by nations and corporates. So, here are some renewable or alternatives energy sources ha can ‘save the earth’ from future disasters.

Solar Power 

Solar power is the most environmentally friendly energy source with zero wise release to the environment. A 1.5-kilowatt solar energy system will keep over 110,000 pounds of carbon dioxide away from the atmosphere for the next 25 years. 

It will also eliminate the need to burn 60,000 pounds of coal. Even though the initial investment is high when installing solar panels, the long-term electricity cost saving can go up to $25,000. You will never have to pay an electricity bill ever again in your life.

Solar power is great in tropical countries where sunlight can be obtained throughout the daytime, all year long. High tech countries are producing vehicles and machinery that run by solar energy and this has majorly contributed to the reduction of pollution. The costs of solar energy are going down rapidly, so go solar today! 

Wind Power 

Wind power has been used by people for centuries. It uses the power of airflow through turbines to mechanically generate power. Wind power plants take minimal land and are one of the best alternatives for burning fossil fuels. Thousands of years ago wind power was used to navigate sail through the Nile river. Persians and the Chinese to pump water for crops and livestock in ancient times have used windmills. It costs around $50,000-$80,000 to establish a wind power plant but is environmentally friendly. This energy source is great for nations with coat lines that experience high wind. 


Either natural water sources or artificially built dams can use hydropower. The water that flows in high-pressure is run through a turbine, spinning it that then activates a generator and produces electricity. Large dams are not required for hydropower, even a small canal would do the job. Hydropower is extremely cost efficient unlike other large scale polish uses as it takes just 50% the cost of nuclear 40% cost of fossil fuel and 25% cost of using natural gas.

Nations are highly invested in Hydropower since once again is constructed it can be used continuously for a long period to generate electricity. Also if electricity is not needed, the gates can be to stop excess production.  

Geothermal Energy 

Geothermal power is obtained using the heat inside the earth. This power is used to create steam which will then go through turbines and generate electricity. It can also be used directly to produce hot water. Since the heat is naturally generated inside the earth, no fossil fuels will be used.